Charlie Z is an endorser of Pearl drums, Paiste cymbals, Evans heads, Vic Firth sticks, Inva Drum Technology, Rhythm Tech percussion, Protection Racket bags, Audix drum mics, Hansenfutz practice pedals, Onboard Research Beatnik practice pads, Duallist pedals, Presonus preamps, DRM EARZ in-ears, Ddrum triggers and Drumageddon Productions. 

DRUMS: Pearl Vision VSX Drums / Walnut Burl Burst Finish
22" x 18" Kick Drum x2
8" x 8" Tom
10" x 8" Tom x3
12" x 9" Tom x4
16" x 16" Floor Tom x2

14" x 6" Masters MCX Snare / Vintage Wine Finish
14" x 6" Master BCX Snare / Lava Bubinga Finish 
14" x 5" Pearl Sensitone Snare 

14" x 6" Inva Drum Technology Charlie Z / DRMAGDN Matrix Carbon Steel / Acrylic Hybrid Snare

16" Paiste Twenty Crash w/8" Paiste Twenty Splash
18" Paiste Twenty Crash w/8" Paiste Twenty Splash
14" Paiste Twenty Hats Top/Bottom
13" Paiste Signature Hats Top/Bottom
20" Paiste Ride 
20" Paiste Twenty Crash w/8" Paiste Twenty Splash
18" Pasite Twenty China
18" Paiste Alpha Medium Thin Swiss x2
13" Paiste Flanger Bell x2

G2 Clear Heads on Toms
HD Dry Head on Snares
EMAD Head on Kick

5A Drumsticks weighted heavy for power and versatility

Pearl Eliminators, DW 5000AD3s & Duallist
Plastic side of beater for more attack and volume

Roland SPD-SX Pads w/Dual Foot Pedals, Korg PadKontrol, Macbook Pro, Ableton Live, Rolls Personal Monitor Station & Dream Earz Custom Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors


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